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Or, you can think more elaborately by meditating on the shortcomings of self-centeredness and the benefits of cherishing others, coming to the conclusion that you must attain enlightenment to be able to benefit all sentient beings and generating the following motivation: "Therefore I'm going to do. " You can then engage in virtuous actions such as prostrating, making offerings, and meditating, and normal activities such as walking, sleeping, sitting, and working, your reason for doing all of these being to attain enlightenment in order to benefit all sentient beings most effectively.

From ignorance. When we speak of the twelve links of dependent arising, ignorance is the first. From it comes karma, and from karma come all the results you experience. All these come from your mind, not only from karma-the mental factor of intention-but also from the ignorance that is the root of samsara, the concept of an inherently existent I. This is how your happiness and suffering evolve. If your meditation on emptiness is not yet firm, then thinking about karma can be a very powerful way to stop anger.

With this as the basis, anger arises. But the minute that you think that you are the creator, that your mind is the creator, that whatever you are experiencing comes from karma you yourself have created, you know that there is nothing external to blame, so there is no basis for anger to arise. The wish to retaliate and harm someone else is based on the belief that the other person is harming you, that you are an innocent victim who has nothing to do with the problem. GENERATING COMPASSION AND THE BENEFITS OF DOING SO Thinking about karma first is powerful because it sets the foundation.

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