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51(eV)/kT] It was suggested that the V diffused via interstitial sites. El Jani: Journal of Crystal Growth, 2004, 270[34], 376-9 [129] GaAs: Zn Diffusion The Zn was diffused into Si-doped samples, from a ZnAs2 source, at 575 to 700C in sealed evacuated quartz tubes. The samples were characterized by depth-profiling the photoluminescence at various temperatures. The photoluminescence spectra contained characteristic emissions which were associated with deep levels of Ga and As vacancies. A detailed analysis of the spectra revealed the role that was played by vacancies in Zn diffusion.

A concentration-independent diffusion, seen as a broadening of the initial implanted distribution, was very slow and was attributed to Si atoms that diffused interstitially. A concentration-dependent diffusivity with low solubility, was quantitatively explained in terms of the diffusion, via vacancies, of Si atoms on the Ga and As sub-lattices. Keinonen: Physical Review B, 1997, 56[8], 4597-603 [124] GaAs: Si Diffusion Defect and Diffusion Forum Vol. 355 35 The migration of Si, on As sites, in d-doped GaAs which had been grown onto GaAs(111)A, was investigated by means of secondary ion mass spectrometry.

Lutsiv: Fizika Elektron. (Lvov), 1972, 5, 23-5 [198] HgTe: Zn Diffusion 54 A Directory of Arrhenius Parameters A radiotracer technique was used to study the diffusion of 65Zn. 12). All the samples were (100)-oriented. The diffusion ∼ temperatures were 500, 400 and 350C. Shallow junction depths ( 1μm) were obtained. 07 x 10−1cm2/s at 768C. 03meV. Yablochkina: Technical Physics Letters, 2006, 32[8], 709-11 [201] InP: Fe Diffusion Iron redistribution in InP(Fe) annealed without an encapsulant was studied by using secondary ion mass spectrometry.

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