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content material: the answer concept modeling of fuel adsorption on zeolites / Arthur W. Woltman and William H. Hartwig --
Mathematical modeling of adsorption in multicomponent structures / Alexander P. Mathews and Walter J. Weber, Jr. --
research of combination equilibria of methane and krypton on 5A zeolite / K.F. Loughlin and G.D. Roberts --
obvious floor diffusion results for carbon dioxide/air and carbon dioxide/nitrogen combinations with pelleted zeolite beds / Richard T. Maurer --
effect of presorbed water at the sorption of nitrogen through zeolites at ambient temperatures / Donald Peterson --
Selective sorption houses of zeolites / R.M. Dessau --
4 crystal constructions of BaxNa₁₂₂x-A (1[less than or equivalent to] x [less than or equivalent to] 6) in relation to the instability of barium-exchanged zeolite A towards dehydration / Yang Kim, V. Subramanian, Roger L. Firor, and Karl Seff --
The impression of oxygen of photoluminescence and resonance strength move in copper (I) Y zeolite / D.H. Strome and ok. Klier --
instruction of copper(II)-exchanged Y zeolites from sodium and ammonium Y zeolites / Richard G. Herman and John B. Bulko --
Lead and cadmium ion trade of zeolite NaA / Elliot P. Hertzenberg and Howard S. Sherry --
Liquid part drying functions of zeolites / George W. younger, Joseph R. Kiovsky, and Pramod B. Koradia --
Separation of n-paraffins from wax distillate with supercritical fluids and molecular sieves / Paul Barton and David F. Hajnik --
Polybed pressure-swing adsorption hydrogen processing / R.T. Cassidy --
Separation of hydrogen sulfide-hydrogen combos through heatless adsorption / M.D. Whitley and C.E. Hamrin, Jr. / a brand new procedure for adsorption separation of gasoline streams --
George E. Keller, II and Russell L. Jones.

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Agitation was provided by a s t i r r i n g motor with polyethylene s t i r r e r s , and the speed of the motor was controlled with a variac. Three l i t e r s of solution without the adsorbent particles was agitated, and allowed to reach equilibrium with the vessel before withdrawing the i n i t i a l sample for analysis. At time t • 0, a measured quantity of activated carbon was introduced into the reactor and agitated. Samples, 10 ml each were with­ drawn periodically, u n t i l equilibrium was reached, and analyzed for the solute concentration i n the liquid phase.

A Mathematical Model for Prediction of Concentration-Time Profiles for Design of Fluid-Bed Adsorbers," Tech. , Res. Project No. WP00706, Fed. Water Poll. S. Dept. of Interior, April 1968. 25. ; Smith, J. ; AIChE J . , 1974, 20, 88. 26. Toor, H. ; AIChE J . , 1957, 3, 198. 27. Fitts, D. ; "Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics," McGraw Hill, New York, 1962. RECEIVED May 13, 1980. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. 3 Study of Mixture Equilibria of Methane and Krypton on 5A Zeolite K.

This obviates the necessity for correlations between the internal diffusion rate and the v a r i ­ ables i n i t i a l concentration and particle diameter when using the modeling approach of Hiester and Vermuelen (23) and Keinath and Weber (24). Keinath and Weber (24) conducted a large number of rate experiments to correlate particle size and i n i t i a l solute concentration with internal diffusion rates, and developed the following correlating for the solute dintro-o-sec-butyl phenol. 08 Co/d ' 4 (32) Co i s the i n i t i a l solute concentration and d i s the adsorbent particle diameter.

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