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1985; J. 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 kb I FIG. 13. Physical map of the mouse a/6 locus. [For details on Ja sequences, see Arden et al. (1985), Winoto et al. (1985) (all numbers), Dembic et al. (1986) (JNat2 and Natl), and Hochgeschwender et al. , 1985). The structure of the J, gene segments is different than the Jp and immunoglobulin J gene segments in that the Ja gene segments are substantially longer. However, the Ja gene segments contain many of the conserved residues that are present in the Jp and immunoglobulin J gene segments.

Class I11 genes encode several components of the classical complement pathway, factor B of the alternate complement pathway, and an enzyme involved in steroid biosynthesis, 21-hydroxylase. The Major Histocompatibility Complexes have been divided into discrete regions and subregions on the chromosome. Each region contains one or more class I, 11, or I11 genes. Regions which contain class I genes are K , 0,Qu, and Tla in mice and HLA-A, HLAB, HLA-C, and HLA-E in humans. Class I1 genes are located in the I region in mice and HLA-D region in humans.

Hybridization kinetic analysis using DNA probes has shown that the order of the constant region is C,-C6-C,3-C,1-Cy2b-C,2aC,-C, (Honjo and Kataoka, 1978). This order was confirmed by physical mapping of the locus. , 1981). In 1982, Shimizu et al. reported the complete linkage of the constant region gene segments. 5-kbCs-55-kb-C,3-34-kb-C,1-21-kb-C,2b-15-kb-C,2a-l4-kb-C~-l2-kb-C, (Fig. 5a). , 1981). The 5 ’ -most & gene segment belongs to the two-member v~FL16subfamily. The other member of the h F L l 6 subfamily was found to be interspersed with the k S P 2 subfamily.

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