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By Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul

ISBN-10: 9774244869

ISBN-13: 9789774244865

The problem of Alif explores a substantial number of topics and difficulties that exist in modern South Asia, offereing views on poetry and fiction, pop culture and mythmaking, in addition to the long-lasting resonance of Gandhian rhetoric and philosophy. regardless of the undeniably critical difficulties that afflict the folk of South Asia, there's additionally a lot to have fun after part a century of independence. there's a pervasive feel that the subcontinent has ultimately emerged from lingering shadows of the British Raj, assesting a brand new and ascendant id, via artwork, literature, song, movie, and different kinds of pop culture.

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The conventions of the ghazal and its vocabulary are also freely used in other poetical forms including blank verse. The link between modern Urdu poetry and its classical tradition is thus perhaps more organic than is the case with modern Persian, Turkish or Arabic poetry. Modern Urdu poetry enjoys a vocabulary of concepts and images to which the reader responds not only in the immediate context of a poem, but which also resonate in the memory of a received corpus of conceptual, moral, emotive and aesthetic antecedents and associations.

To give courage to the people of Passion To sacrifice our lives to Truth To die in the path of Fidelity Let us take our heads to the battlefield To Lebanon! To Lebanon! This war is for justice in the world This war is for all those who have known sorrow This war is for all of Adam's children To raise the very worth of humanity: Go! To Lebanon! 29 Similar expressions of support for the Palestinian resistance were made by several poets. The outbreak of the Intifadah in the Occupied Territories in 1987 produced, among others, the following poem by Mehmud Rahim entitled, "Intifadah: To the Unarmed Freedom-fighters of Palestine": Encircled by the enemy, the footsoldiers go forth Today the children of resolution go forth Marhabal Marhabal^ You who are teaching the winds the Verse of Victory31 Marhabal Young daughters Whose hands bear no jewels, but stones Marhabal 44 A/I/18 (1998) Schoolboys Who dance in the sights of the tyrant's gun Marhaba\ When tyranny decreed that honour be stripped of its cloak And the kings in their palaces spun fine words of equivocation Naked, the procession of the people went forth Marhaba!

If, in every age, the Word of Truth be a sin, Shall there come again a sinner such as these? O Passion! Go now and say to Sarmad and Mansur: No one will mount the gallows in a manner such as this. In the city of the self-serving, Fidelity was honoured by their life-blood alone, There is no market any longer for goods such as this. O tilted-cap of the torn-footed of the quest of Love! Who, now, will make flowers blossom upon thorns? '8 These two ghazals are at once firmly cast in the classical conceptual and imaginal vocabulary of Urdu poetry as well urgently Alif 18 (1998) 39 contemporary and political, addressed as they are to the Palestinian cause.

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